Winter Red Dozen

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Winter Red Dozen

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Australia and Italy’s next generation crafting delicious savoury reds for cold nights. BYO blanket and Netflix.

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A mixed dozen of medium to heavy bodied reds from Australia’s vanguard of winemaking and indulgent, savoury drops from Italy. As the nights start to get cooler, make sure you have these wines on hand to go with rich slow cooked dishes

  • Spider Bill - Adelaide Hills, Aus

  • Guthrie Wines - Adelaide Hills, Aus

  • Lino Ramble - McLaren Vale, Aus

  • Konpira Maru - Pyrenees, Aus

  • Lenotti - Veneto, Ita

  • Pasqua - Veneto, Ita

  • Pandolfa - Emila Romagna, Ita

  • Bera - Piedmont, Ita

Italy evokes, passion, design and a respect for tradition juxtaposed by the cutting edge. The Italian selection comprise wines vinified from organic vineyards; they are textural, aromatic and convey feeling. The dozen comprise wines hailing from Piedmont, Veneto and Emilia-Romana.

The Aussie contingent convey the same expression of their chosen varietals. Minimal additions, if any. Minimal input, the winemakers nurturing what the vine has gifted them for that season. These wines are made by people who are out of the limelight, preferring to gently go about their passion uninterrupted. This is fast changing with all these wines now recognised as rising dark-horses in competitions and ratings.