Olida Bitta Haze, Eh? Strawberry Gum NEIPA


Olida Bitta Haze, Eh? Strawberry Gum NEIPA

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Big fruity hops, smooth, sweet malt and strawberry notes. New England IPA at its funky finest, with a unique aussie twist thanks to the native strawberry gum.

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Direct from Abbotsford, here’s what the head brewer had to say about this cracking brew:

Pours hazy with deep gold/light amber colouration. The foam is rocky persistent. This beer looks as good as this style can.

Punchy fruit salad nose dominates with the potent strawberry gum character integrating beautifully. Slight hint of eucalypt from the hops adds complexity.

Flavour / mouthfeel:
Big fruity hops, smooth, sweet malt and strawberry notes lead off with the oats presenting a larger than life mouthfeel. The finish is succinct with a slight minerality and bitterness. Long after the beer has been swallowed there is a pleasant strawberry aftertaste.

This is our second beer with Strawberry Gum (scientific name Eucalyptus olida – hence the name) and our first local collaboration with Collective Arts from Toronto, Canada – hence the “eh?” in the name! This beer is a bloody good example of the NEIPA style and the addition of the Australian native botanical gives it a twist that makes it stand out and also fits in beautifully with the style. If this is the last NEIPA I am involved in the production of, I will be a happy and proud brewer!

For the beer nerds:
ABV – 6.5%
IBU – 35
SRM – 13 (Light Amber)