It all started when…

Six years at a McLaren vale winery setup connections. Working for one of Australia’s great importers of fine wine didn’t hurt either. I had access to great deals on wine all the time, usually shared between some close friends and family. Then one day another great deal came across in an email. Top quality grapes, vinified by a third generation winemaker and finished in new french oak. It was sitting in a temperature controlled warehouse. Would you be interested in a few cases? Sure. This was too good to keep to myself, mind if I share with more friends? Go for it. A few messages via text and Facebook were sent later that day. The next week a pallet of wine was delivered to a small house in Adelaide; the genesis of Hop Crush was born. A Facebook group emerged, eager buyers snapping up deals and telling their friends. Suddenly it evolved into something much bigger.

Hop Crush now sources and releases wines weekly, tasted by a panel of winemakers and industry guns to ensure quality and provenance. We hope you enjoy the weekly specials. And remember, you can give feedback / chat to us / talk about the weather at hello@hopcrush.com.au